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About Us

Canadian Food Aficionado Magazine delivers the audience you want to reach

Canadian Food Aficionado is a new publishing venture for all food lovers. Our mandate is to offer a guide to the best food and dining experiences in Toronto from the top 5-star restaurants to the funkiest, to the best burger joints and, quality, local boutique eateries. We publish once a year. Our professional photography created by some of the best food photographers in the country, high-quality printing & paper with eye-catching special treatments on the cover will make this magazine so beautiful it can be a coffee-table book that you will want to keep. With our relevant editorial, we will be a great guide to reference for food excellence over and over. Your ads will deliver results for months. What sets us apart is our well-researched approach to all the fine dining places in the city, new and old. We feature the best, carefully select and tailor content, to provide information readers can trust. We’ve assembled a team of food aficionados our readers can relate to. They go out and experience each diner, café and restaurant and tell readers about it in a meaningful and relevant format that engages them. Our audiences are food lovers visiting or residing in Toronto and the GTA with a combined household income in excess of $90,000. We are distributed through newspapers to targeted households in the GTA, and are available at events, airport lounges and select hotels in Toronto.

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Table Restaurant Ratings Guide
Our food aficionados run down some of the best places to eat.
Global Adventure
International dining from a few of our favourite culinary spots around the globe.
Local Excursion
Day trips from Toronto that deliver on flavour and local colour.


Regular Departments

Note from the Chief Aficionado
Jay Mandarino highlights his food adventures.
Best of the City
Our roundup of the best of everything: eats, drinks, and accessories.
Culinary Trends
What the discerning foodie will pay attention to this year.
Celebrity Bite
A sneak peek at the culinary habits of celebrities.

Banner photography courtesy of GibsonSmith Photography

Banner photography courtesy of Carnal Prime Steakhouse (Miraflores, Peru, South America)

Banner photography courtesy of GibsonSmith Photography